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Terms and Conditions

Term & Conditions

  • Memorial keepsakes products for funeral/memorial services are processed within 3 business days of paid invoice without a rush fee. Such orders are shipped USPS Express Overnight.

  • Non-funeral/memorial products are processed within 7-10 business days without a rush fee.

  • The customer shall review the contents of their invoice for accuracy of the desired order.

  • The remittance of the invoice shall act as approval by the customer of said order AS IS.

  • The customer has 24 hours to inventory delivery and notify the company of defects and/or missing items.

  • Upon completion of the draft, the proof will be sent to the customer to check for any inaccuracies. Once approved no changes will be allowed




Artwork created by authorized agents of JusJesus LLC by the request of its customers shall be considered the property of JusJesus LLC. Any original artwork provided to JusJesus LLC for printing shall remain in the ownership of the providing customer, but any modifications to the artwork shall become the property of JusJesus LLC. JusJesus LLC agrees to hold any artwork modified for a customer for exclusive use by said customer. JusJesus LLC agrees not to use this modified provided artwork for any other purpose other than by the request of the providing customer.

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